Monday, October 14, 2013

Animated hashtag!

I have found so many new and wonderful resources associated with the #xplrpln hashtag and the seminar itself - with all the associated media platforms, people, ideas and interactions. However, nothing quite prepared me for my visit to Helen Blunden's blog at Activate Learning Solutions and clicking on an innocent piece of hyperlinked text that read, Interactive Twitter map that shows me being a bit of a chatterbox 

WOW!!! There before my very eyes was an animated, group-aggregate PLN for the hashtag #xprlpln! It pulsed before me, showing me the most active members, who linked to whom and who had simply been mentioned.

Being the curious type that I am I clicked on a node and pulled it to the side of its original location. . . . no problem. Then I went searching for my name. I double clicked on my node which opened up a secondary menu showing how many times I had tweeted, used the # and how often I had been mentioned. The more active you are with using #xplrpln the larger the point size for your name.

It is interesting to consider that a hashtag used by a group develops into its own unique form of collaborative group PLN with no one owning it and great shared access.

Now I need to learn how create one! Anyone have simple, effective instructions?

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