Saturday, November 2, 2013

Drinking from the Stream

Did I fall off the face of the earth in the last week?

Well, in a way I did. I had a research grant proposal that was due on Thursday, a mini family emergency I had to attend to in a city 3 hours drive away (there and back on Wednesday) an assignment due in my qualitative inquiry class that is worth 55%, a new website (that I am a major contributor to) going live on Friday and I had committed to F2F participation in #EdCampYEG today (Saturday). . . so instead of having an active presence in XLPRPLN this week I took on the role of a "sampler" - I do like that term better than lurker!

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the digital stream let alone daily life. A crucial role my PLN plays for me is that it acts as one of my filter mechanisms. I had not promised any participation in XPLRPLN this week and I had to trust that my absence would not be viewed as an affront to anyone and that life would carry on without me. My metaphor for NOT becoming overwhelmed is - I can drink from the stream to replenish, refresh and grow but I should never try to drink the whole stream.

Oh how I wanted to respond the the questions and conversations @tanyalau and @essigna were having as they sought clarification and teased apart the idea that a PLN might be a form of language. I will respond . . . soon.

I think the idea of doing a dance with your level of interaction with your PLN is an important aspect that ought to be in the drivers manual for all new PLN operators!

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