Saturday, January 17, 2015

More Mental Taffy Pulling!

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I like calling the back-and-forth commenting, adding, building and questioning that inevitably happens in a cmooc-like setting “mental taffy” and I can’t wait for MSLOC430 and the opportunity to start pulling mental taffy once again with; Jeff Merrell, Bruno Winck, Essa Garland, Helen Blunden, Tanya Lau, Rhonda Jessen, Cedric Borzee, Maha Bali, Jennifer Rainey, Keeley Sorokti, Karen Jeannette, and Mitra Emad. Naturally the thought of wonderful new connections that will inevitably happen throughout MSLOC430 (and beyond!) adds to my sense of anticipation.

Jeff Merrell (who co-hosted the fall 2013 cmooc-like seminar XPLRPLN) has created an open section of MSLOC 430 - a graduate course in the Master's Program in Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University with the intention to “explore enterprise social networking innovations and their impact on work and learning” over the course of six weeks (starting January 25, 2015). A major draw for me is Jeff’s balance of open (even the planning document is open!) and organization, but equally important are the other participants whose involvement contributed positively to my past experiences either in XPLRPLN or in other cmooc or cmooc-like settings.

Let the fun begin!

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  1. yep...I too like the idea of open - co-creating the direction, resources, structure (somewhat); and I like that Jeff is experimenting with a more open format compared to xplrpln. It keeps things interesting. The interminable challenge will be...finding the time!